The Founder’s Message

Dear Friends,

I want to welcome everyone to Family bridge Foundation, hope for women and children’s betterment. Growing up without my father who deceased when I was a little over four years old, I know what it is like to be in need of support and guidance.

I lived with my mother who struggled to raise her five children but she never accepts to be a victim of her circumstances. Her belief was that we always have something we can use to serve others. Every morning, my mother cooked for the orphans and the children abandoned by their parents; my older sister and I found joy organizing and serving them. We were ten and eight years old. I grew up making a difference in people’s lives, from running errands for elderly women in our neighborhood to helping mothers take care of their house, I was a social butterfly. At the age of twenty-four, I got my first job. My salary was divided into three parts: My family, children living in the street and other families in need. My life became joyful. I was grateful for having more to share.

In 1994, I got the golden ticket to visit the United States of America. I wanted to pursuit my dream of being a philanthropist. I started Family bridge Foundation in Los Angeles to extend my giving actions and to connect with people who share the same vision.

Our primary goal is to raise awareness for health and education among women and children in Senegal, West Africa and Los Angeles, California.

Women are the backbone of society; they should be loved, supported and listened to; they are wise. Children on the other hand are our future. It’s our responsibility as parents to take care of them, nurture and guide them to a happy and successful life.

Family bridge Foundation is about making positive change in women and children’s lives, it’s also about caring and connecting people to learn from each other.

Be Part of the solution!

Bineta Ngom