It is a sad fact that women and children fall prey and victims to most of the evils that take place in society. While most of it is physical, there are also innumerable cases of abuse in the form of mental, emotional and psychological damage. The reason they fall prey to this is their lack of proper exposure in terms of good education, stable job, an unfaltering confidence in themselves and their right to a good life. A well-informed mind and adequate monetary support is security enough, with these two tools woman can empower themselves and also take care of their children properly. Our vision is to empower women and children in Los Angeles and Senegal West Africa so that we can help them in achieving the necessary requisites in order to feel empowered and secure. We aim to do these by the following programs.


Education is the only way to empowerment. When a person learns, he is able to open the gates of his mind and think beyond all boundaries. As they learn, they grow, they develop and in turn become better human beings. When our mind is equipped with all the necessary information on the world and its operations, we are able to comprehend everything around us. It also puts us in a better place to make the right and informed decisions in everything that concerns us and our lives.

Unfortunately, most people quit midway due to personal and financial restrictions. Through this program we aim to educate as many women and children, thereby attempting to provide them a chance to a good and happy life. By empowering them with a good education, we are trying to enable them to get good jobs so that they are able to support and stand for themselves without the aid of anyone else. We intend to do this strategically by first allowing them to learn gradually by the early education program and then gradually upgrading them to high school and college levels. This cannot be done individually so we need the help of public and private sectors and also the assistance of non-profit organizations. You can help a person lead a better life by making some contribution towards this cause. You can also show your support by volunteering to teach them or arrange a student group for seeking this cause. Together, we can make a difference!

Youth Cultural Exchange

It is an enriching experience to learn about other cultures and it offers immense opportunities for growth. Youth cultural exchange programs is an effective method to educate one another about the various cultures existing; it also focuses on the nuances related to life and living in the corresponding scenario. It helps people broaden their perspectives, cut down bias and prejudices, facilitates mutual understanding for cultural differences and humans in general. It also enables tolerance and the need for allowing every individual his right and freedom to exist according to his/her own wills.

When we are able to broaden our views, we are able to respect others and in turn it creates a healthy global surrounding that is built on respect, dignity, decorum and tolerance. These programs focus predominantly on students from the secondary school levels as they are on the threshold of turning into adults or individuals and still learning to form opinions and views. The program will facilitate an exchange of few students who will be sent to other locations for a brief course or internship. They will meet new people and exchange experiences, knowledge, cultures, traditions, languages and also nurture new and refreshing friendships. This chance will allow them to start off on a positive note. The primary aim of this program is to develop mutual understanding and respect, to sharpen the leadership skills, to enable educational transformation and to facilitate ideals of democracy and humanity.

Field Trips to Africa       

We can learn a great deal more when we move out of our comfort zone and experience and witness different lifestyles from various walks of life and living. This program aims to educate and enlighten people by arranging trips to Africa and other places. This will also allow them to gather insights and perspectives on life outside their home country. A change of environment and lifestyle will educate the students on the different cultures, occupations and ways of living practiced by the people of Africa. It will also inform them on the problems and complications faced by the people of the third world countries.

During their short stay they can gain information about the Africans and their way of living. It also offers assistance to them by enlightening them on their ways of life respectively. This healthy exchange of information will prove beneficial for both. Having access to all essentials can at times make one intolerant and insensitive. By allowing the students a chance to witness and understand the ways of the less fortunate, we aim at instilling tolerance and empathy in them towards all humans. Besides, it will also offer innumerable opportunities to learn and grow by gathering knowledge on the different cultures and living outside the United States of America. It is an attempt to broaden their minds and in turn empower them respectively.

After School Programs

This program focuses primarily on kids and aims at enabling them to utilize their free time more effectively. Most of the kids are not financially equipped and unable to afford tuitions so this program aims at providing them assistance and guidance. It also serves the purpose of day care as most parents of these kids are workers who engage in long tiring hours and are unable to reach home in time for their kids.

The kids can come to the resource centre after school hours and spend time interacting with other kids of their age. Activities will be planned where the kids can participate and learn useful skills in literature, mathematics, science and general areas. This will be beneficial to them in several ways and boost up their creativity and nurture their talents. Sports will also be a part of the program as fitness is crucial to a good and healthy life. Assistance will also be provided for the kids in terms of homework and studies which will help them in acquiring good grades. They can take the help of the guides or volunteers present. This method will allow the kids to make good use of their time and also gather some beneficial requirements. The program also focuses on providing useful life skills to the kids present by which they can learn about the good and the bad and empower themselves respectively.

Mentorship and Tutoring

This program aims at empowering women by educating and informing them on several areas of life. Role models are important in life in order to head in the right direction. They provide assistance, offer encouragement and help identify and nurture talents and potentials. It is an attempt to educate, empower and develop the skills, talents and confidence in women and children. This is achieved by means of activities, training and group interaction. The participants can share experiences and interact with other people and in turn grow and develop immensely.

It promotes growth and success by facilitating the women and kids to find out their strengths, weakness, interests and capabilities. The strengths are further enhances, weakness worked on and talents are adequately nurtured and developed. It is basically a platform where they can find their calling in life while also gaining some useful life skills and traits. By the assistance provided they can improve themselves intellectually and head onto the path of independence and empowerment.

Women Support Groups

Extending a hand to one in need can make so much of a difference in the world. If we all extend ourselves towards people who seek us, then the world will undoubtedly be such a better and warm place. We want to be there for all the women and children in need, extend our support and help them grow in areas that need guidance, assistance and improvement.

We will offer support by facilitating networking opportunities where the women can come together and interact with each other, become more confident and grow profusely. By sharing our stories and experiences with others, we enable them some insight on the problems which they can face. This will provide them some help while facing similar situations. These support groups will encourage healthy interaction by sharing life stories where people can use their weakness and shortcoming and turn them into something wonderful and inspiring to others. When we share, we learn and we grow! This is undoubtedly the concept behind the support group.

Activities will also be planned where the women can benefit and gather useful skills and knowledge. It will also offer lessons in creating products and useful items which the participants can learn to create and make some money out of it. This will be useful for them in paying for their necessities. It focuses extensively on imparting ways and methods to empowerment and how it can be attained. By connecting with others, by sharing and learning, one definitely moves forward on a healthy and positive way.

Counseling to Women

Most often we find ourselves in a dark place and the road ahead seems bleak and unimaginable. To break free from these shackles one needs a friend, a guide and a well wisher. This is what we intend to become in our program. We will serve as counselors, offering hope to women who have lost it all in life’s battles. Most women are victims of abuse, physical, mental, emotional and psychological. When it becomes extreme, it is impossible to think clearly.

We aim at helping women recover and get back to healthy living. It is something which cannot be done overnight, but, with proper counseling methods; we wish to help women ignore the rays of hope once again. The counselor will encourage the affected person to come out of their shell and share their experiences and help them to turn their disasters into life’s lessons. Most women and kids are also struggling with addiction and inefficiencies. Programs will be developed to help kids and women give up on their additions gradually and become healthy, confident individuals. Apart from these problems, some women and kids are also dealing with shortcoming such as depression, inferiority complex and anxiety, among several other complaints. This program is widely developed and aims to tackle everything that comes through it doors. We wish to extend our support and help these struggling individuals and we request your support in achieving this cause. Together we can work and become a friend to the friendless and the aching hearts.

Opening Resource Centre for Women and Children

This program is aimed at providing a tangible space in the form of a resource centre where the women and children can come in times of need. Most of the programs will be provided and developed in the resource centre. As the main focus is in helping the women in Los Angeles and Senegal West Africa, women and kids of this classification will be given priority and attention at all times. With our several programs we wish to impart knowledge, education, skills, assistance and hope to the affected individuals and help them embark onto the path of empowerment. When one is empowered, they can stand up for their rights and freedom and no one can ever take that away from them. Through our endeavors we attempt to make every person strong, independent and confident in themselves. It also imparts ways to use their potentials and capabilities efficiently and avail financial freedom by their own means. To achieve all this and much more, we need your help. You can help by offering donations, food programs, arranging student groups who can volunteer and help in our programs and in any way that can be beneficial to these women and kids. By contributing your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and assistance, you are allowing another human being a chance to a good life. Join hands with us and make the world a better place!