In the face of social hierarchy and a patriarchal setup, women or the so called ‘weaker sex’ fall prey to most of the disadvantages. Unfortunately, woman and children bear the brunt of losing out on most opportunities and especially in the case of health and fitness. They are left with very limited options and thereby are unable to get access to nutritious and healthy food. As a result women and children often face health issues and malnutrition is manifested in its highest form, leading to drastic outcomes.

Through our health program we aim at resolving some of these significant problems and offer guidance, help and advice to the women and children of Los Angeles and Senegal West Africa and educate them on leading a healthy and disease free life. Read on to know more about the programs we offered.

Health Awareness Programs

One of the many reasons for poor health reigning supreme among women and children is the lack of awareness. They are not informed about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming nutritious food and due to this they are unable to protect and save themselves from several ailments and some of them can also be life threatening to a great extent. Through this program we aim at educating them on leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of establishing healthy and nutritious food habits, giving importance to fitness by exercising regularly and basically provide a beginners guide to overall good health and well being. The program also features talks and workshops conducted by nutritionists and dieticians who will further provide an in-depth and practical plan on keeping good health.

Natural resources for healthy lifestyle

Living and enjoying a healthy life need not always come at a price and that is what we are trying to convey through this program. We aim at educating the participants on the benefits and possibilities on using natural everyday resources for good health. We will educate them further about the food items that they can consume for warding off ailments, suitable vegetables, fruits and the benefits and characteristic of each item will also be explained. In short, it is a chapter on sustainable living and related natural resources that should be effectively managed and used for the better side of health and living. Learn all this and more through this enriching and informative program.

Health care coverage workshops

Most people are not aware of the ailments that reside in their bodies until it is too late. One of the reasons for this is that they cannot afford the health care and regular checkups, which is very crucial for good health. This program is our attempt at conducting suitable workshops that offer health care coverage at nominal rates. Information will also be provided on places and institutions that offer free and cheap health care coverage programs for the benefit of women and children. We invite the readers to assist us in our Endeavour by extending monetary support towards this cause. You can also participate as a volunteer if you are well versed in the field of health care and medicine. A little help will surely go a long way.

Addictionand Abuse Workshops

Most people face drastic health issues due to addiction and are unable to free themselves from it. Through this program, we aim at helping all those who are battered and bruised by facing abuse in all forms. We will provide counseling and help them to heal themselves gradually emotionally and psychologically and gently push them onto the path of recovery and moving on. Rehabilitation plans, treatment and counseling will also be offered for all those struggling with addiction of all types.

Cooking Program

This is more of a fun workshop where we plan to educate our participants on healthy eating and dining possibilities. We will impart knowledge of cooking and fixing up simple meals that do not require any long time. Focus will be on using natural, healthy and easily accessible products which serve as a healthy wholesome meal for the mind and body. Traditional food recipes and nuances based on cultural food practices will also be included to make it more interesting and enriching for the participants.

Food distribution

This is a collaborated effort between our and other sectors, both private as well as public and together we aim at proving food to all those who are facing the injustice and brutality of hunger pangs. We request volunteers to join hands with us and take part in our food distribution program.

Homeless feeding

This is yet another effort from our side to reduce the number of people who go to sleep on an empty stomach. The program will focus on offering food to the homeless and the poor and this will be conducted on the first Sunday of every month. We will try to cover as many needy as possible and we need all the help and resources that we can get. We humbly request our readers to extend monetary and other forms of help to serve this useful purpose.