Economic Empowerment


 A country or an individual can consider him/her self fully empowered only when he has access to financial and monetary resources in suitable forms. Through our other programs we aim at providing suitable education to secure jobs and also impart knowledge in terms of physical, mental, emotional and psychological well being for the benefit of women and children in the chosen geographical destination. However, to achieve a holistic or overall approach, we further attempt to empower them beyond the basics by providing information on managing their economical situations wisely in order to derive maximum benefit from it. Read on to know more about out interesting and practical program and schemes to help the less privileged.

Financial Workshops

One of the most important lessons in life is to be able to manage our finances effectively to ensure a secured and stress free life. Since most of our participants do not have access to a fixed and steady source of income, we aim to educate them on securing one such suitable source and also impart suitable but useful tips on managing the income and monetary resources in a balanced and practical way. We will further enrich these workshops and make it more informative by inviting guest speakers and financial advisors who will extend a very detailed and specific perception and plan for maintaining safe and secure finances. Most often the patriarchal sides of the family take control over the funds. However, we wish to defy the stereotypes and go beyond conventions by educating the women to take control and be empowered economically for the purpose of availing security and stability in life.

Micro Financing (Senegal)

One of our sincerest aims is to enable women to be able to practice independence and individuality and this is possible only when they are able to earn money to secure a good future for themselves and their children. Through this micro financing program we aim at helping these women break free from the shackles of poverty. The basic concept is to provide funds to these women and help them set up business or earning plans of their own. We are investing in their earning measures and also guiding them in doing so in a very effective and lucrative manner. Through this endeavor we plan to create employment opportunities for the unemployed and lower strata of society and in turn aim at keeping poverty in check. When these women are able to generate income by their own means and become entrepreneurs of sorts, they will be able to become self-sufficient and in turn lead better, fulfilling lives.

Financial improvement and awareness programs

This is yet another type of workshop related program where we aim at educating the women on all matters regarding finances. Most often, women are busy attending to the household chores and in the long run lose grip on the monetary rights. Those who are blessed with some form of monetary assurance are also uninformed on handling them in a way that will yield better profits and outcomes. Through this program we attempt to make the women of Los Angeles and Senegal more informed financially and prepare them to make better financial decisions. Our focus will be in the following areas: informing women and children to make the most out of their limited assets, to balance and manage debts more effectively and formulate a working plan to cross off debts, to fix a budget either monthly or yearly and to operate within those boundaries and also to plan for a better future to avoid any financial problems and disasters.

Women and recession workshops

One of the drastic outcomes of recession is undoubtedly the increasing number of unemployment among women. This has gravely affected the security and stability of women and they are unable to take care of themselves and their families. Through this workshop we will educate women on the ill effects of recession and also provide coping mechanisms to deal and overcome it in a planned and possible manner. We will offer assistance in enabling them to make better financial plans and also help them to avail suitable jobs and secure related incomes. Information will also be provided on investing in the right places to get maximum benefits from their efforts. Financial advisors will be available to offer guidance and support to the women seeking advice and help. In short, this plan aims at helping the women devise a backup plan which they can rely on in terms of recession and a financial meltdown and avoid loss in all forms. Being financially secure is the true form of empowerment and this is what we seek to achieve through our economic empowerment programs.