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Family Bridge Foundation teamed up with the Fairfax high school basketball team, the coaches and the parents to feed homeless people at the skid Row in Downtown,

Los Angeles



Family Bridge Foundation teamed up with movie star Omar Sy to feed homeless people at the Skid Row in Downtown,

Los Angeles


Children feeding in Senegal with Family Bridge Foundation


Family Bridge Foundation serving students during their High School Exam.

Every year in Senegal, High school students around the country have to go to a three-day national exam to pass for their admission to the University. Some of them live miles away and cannot return home in the middle of the day for lunch, and sometimes parents can't afford to provide meals. Family Bridge Foundation in Bargny, Senegal organize a three-day meals serving to the students who live far away from the exam sites and the organization invites a doctor to check on students in need.
The exam is organized in July of every year and Family Bridge Foundation need the help of donors to make this stressful three-day exam easier for the students.
Together, we can help our students strive!


Help your children find their purpose through philanthropy

Our journey in Downtown, Los Angeles on November 6, 2016 was inspiring. We served food, clothes and accessories to more than 250 homeless with Rolling Hills Prep High School Basketball team, Coach Kitani, parents and family Bridge Foundation members. We all felt joy and fulfillment and can't wait to do it again. Philanthropy is key to finding your purpose, let's change the world together

The Vice President of Family Bridge Foundation, Mame Mbaye, travelled to Senegal to visit families and at the same time to donate health and school supplies to a local school in the Town of Thies, Senegal.
It was an awesome experience and we are looking forward to do it in many other cities.